Choosing the Right Professional Home Solar Installation Company

Installing new solar panels on homes seems like a one-step process as it typically takes around one to two days to complete. But in reality, there is much more to the whole solar installation process. It can actually take between two to three months to finish installing your solar system. Design planning, acquiring permits, and utility approval are just some of the reasons that could prolong the project. 

Luckily, choosing the right professional home solar installation company that would fit your needs will help simplify the process. Most solar companies push for quicker permitting processes for homeowners to maximize their savings. With this, it is important to understand each step in the installation process.


1. Research

Finding the best person for the job starts with research. Make a list of solar companies you’re interested in. Find out how long they have been in the business. Ask for testimonials and references from previous clients. Most importantly, look for solar companies that not only fit your specific needs but are also accredited by the MCS (Microgeneration Certificate Scheme). MCS ensures that the highest possible standards for solar manufacturers and installers are met.

You can also find reliable solar installers members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) or registered with Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) and the Solar Trade Association (STA).

2. Multiple Solar Quotes

Once you’ve established your list of preferred solar companies, you will need to get a quote for their services to compare the price and quality. Getting at least 3 quotes.  Utilizing a company like TheHomePros will simplify this process.  Complete the simple form with your home data (average utility bill, roof shade, residence type, location, etc.) will allow the local home solar installers to give you the most accurate solar installation quote.

3. Home Assessment

An in-person assessment by a local solar installer should be done to determine your roof’s condition and suitability for solar panel installation. Legitimate companies will most likely send out a team of professionals to carry out the assessment and give professional opinions.  This will help ensure that you do not have unexpected expenses at the time the solar panels are actually installed.

Take time to decide which company you should go with. Go over the quotes again if you must to identify the best one for you.  Be sure to ask for references for all home solar installers prior to signing a contract for your home solar installation.

4. Signing The Contract

Once you’re in contract with your chosen solar provider, an experienced technician will visit your home to design your solar energy system.

5. Securing Permits

When the design is finished, securing the necessary permits will be the priority. This can take around 30 to 40 days, depending on your area. A professional home solar contractor will help with this.

6. Installation Day

Upon approval of the permits, your contractor will schedule installation. The installation process itself usually takes at least 3 to 5 days to complete. Installers will fit the frame for the solar panels, install the panels, and connect them to the inverter.

7. Post-Installation

After the installation of your solar panels, a series of inspections and commissioning will take place. The process typically takes 15 to 30 days. Quality control reviews and local inspections should be conducted and attended to by the company.  Your utility provider will give you permission to operate (PTO) after completing inspections and swapping out the electrical meter. Finally, your solar energy coordinator will then set up a time with a solar commissioner for commissioning. 

Bottom Line

Choosing the right professional home solar installation company will help you save time, maximize your savings, and simplify the solar installation process.  The Home Pros US can help you with your solar needs. Click the “Free Quote” button to get a free estimate and get the assistance you need from a local solar professional!