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Not knowing when to replace your gutters is a common experience for homeowners. Although gutters are durable and can last for years, they are still susceptible to rust and corrosion. 

In order to avoid performance issues and deterioration, necessary steps should be taken. Learn when to get a gutter repair and replacement. Here are some pointers that will help in determining whether it’s time for a gutter upgrade!

Repair or Replace?

1. Repair: Minor Damages
Harsh weather and poor installation are common causes of gutter damage. These results to loose hangers, minor leakage, and cracks. Although they all seem tedious, repairing them is actually an easy fix. The first step to the repair process is to check for all areas that will require reparation. This will be helpful in spotting possible damage. 

A. Loose Hangers
Fixing loose hangers depend on their state. Undamaged loose hangers can be remedied by tightening the fascia. Whereas damaged hangers should be replaced.

B. Minor Leakage and Small Cracks

Smaller cracks and holes are the culprits in every leakage problem. To fix this problem, minor leaks should be fixed by filling the holes with roofing cement. Moreover, waterproof sealants such as silicon caulk can be applied in between faulty joints. 

Cleaning gutters

2. Repair and Replace: Rusty Gutters

Steel and aluminum are common materials used for gutters due to their long lifespans. However, they are not safe from oxidation. Rust forms since they come into contact with water often. 

Repair your gutters if the damage is minor. Homeowners can start by cleaning the debris off of the gutters. Washing with detergent should be done after. Once it dries, you must coat the affected area with a metal primer to prevent further rusting.

For more serious problems, gutters should be replaced. Rust often progresses to corrosion and may eat the entirety of the gutter material. To avoid this, one can apply roofing cement or liquid rubber to a metal flashing.

Rusty gutters

3. Repair and Replace: Paint Peeling

Believe or not but paint peeling off may be an indication of a problem in the gutters. Checking the severity of the damage will help you determine your next step. Leaks usually cause the peeling so you better make sure that you have an expert on standby.

4. Replace: Mold and Mildew Infestation 

There are numerous reasons why mold and mildew grow on gutters. First, gutters have a moist environment. This makes them a natural breeding ground for mold and mildew. Another reason is clogged gutters. Consequently, the accumulation of leaves and twigs cause the accumulated rainwater to overflow and seep its way into the foundation of the home. With all these implications, immediate action should be taken.

clogged gutters

Bottom Line

Maintaining your gutters is important to avoid damage. Although this problem is inevitable, you should always be proactive in addressing issues you may notice. Seek an expert to ensure that the gutter project is addressed properly. If you are planning to replace your old and/or moldy gutters or have started remodeling your house, click the “Free Quote” button below to get a free estimate and get the assistance you need from a local professional.