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Plumbing mishaps are inevitable and may even be costly at times. When mishandled, you may find yourself in a situation that can be difficult to overcome alone. Knowing what to do in an unpredictable plumbing mishap can help you save time and money. Handle it like a pro to prevent gas and water leaks, clogged drainage systems, and damaged plumbing fixtures. Read the 5 steps below to know what to do in a plumbing emergency!

1. Assess the Situation

Understanding the plumbing situation you are in can help you determine how to approach the problem. It is important to stay calm when assessing the situation as it would help come up with unclouded and effective solutions.

2. Shut Down Supply Lines

The best practice to avoid these is to shut down the supply lines of water, gas, and electricity. The majority of plumbing emergencies include an overflow of water. This can lead to disastrous situations when left unattended. This can cause major damage to floors, walls, and fixtures. Moreover, the probability of it coming into contact with electricity increases and can further damage electric circuits. You should be vigilant in doing this step.

3. Be Resourceful and Consider Other Options

Rather than just depending on an expert to come to your rescue, you too should look for options that can help reduce the severity of the plumbing problem. You can always go back to the first step and assess the situation you are in.

If you’re experiencing a gas or water leak, turning off the supply lines is a plausible thing to do. Draining of water through mopping can also be done. For clogged drainage systems, you can always use Liquid Sosa to dissolve the obvious culprits behind the clogging: hair, grime, and grease. 

4. Improvise and Do-It-Yourself

If the plumbing emergency is an easy fix, you might opt to do it yourself. This option could help you save costs and reduce the losses that you might incur if a plumber does it for you. Common clogging DIY practices include plunging out the obstructing objects in drains, sinks, and pipes.

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5. Call a Plumbing Expert

Nothing beats the help of a plumbing expert! If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, call a plumber. Professional help will help you reduce the damages before they get to you. 

Ensure that you have an emergency plumber on call to help you address the situation at any time. Our pros can help you assess the problem and come up with a solution after. Click the “Free Quote” button below to get a free estimate. We’ll have a qualified, dependable plumber reach out to you as quickly as possible!  Plumbing problems are never something that should wait.  Act now to avoid expensive damage later!