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 Just like any part of your home’s structure, gutters are very important. Gutters keep rainwater away from the siding and foundation of your home and protect it from damages that can cause rot and even destabilization of your house. 

Gutters require maintenance. Keeping your home’s gutters in good condition and cleaning them to prevent clogging and damaging debris pile up is critical especially if you have trees close to your home. There is an alternative to the chore of climbing a ladder and cleaning the gunk out of your gutters.

Gutter guards, gutter screens, or gutter covers help prevent debris from entering your rain gutters. These types of gutter systems typically cover your gutters with mesh made of plastic or metal. They permit water to flow into  your gutters while excluding other detritus including plant matter, animals, and insects.

The idea of installing gutter guards to your home sounds attractive, but the solution isn’t quite that straightforward. There are many different types of gutter guards and there are costs involved with their installs. There are advantages and disadvantages to take into account.

Pros of Installing a Gutter Guard System

    • Gutter guards can give your gutters, fascia, and soffit a longer life. Gutter guards give an additional layer of protection to prevent water damage to these areas of your home. When water backs up from clogged gutters, water will overflow down the surfaces of the soffit and fascia boards and mold and mildew will start to grow.  Rot of the wood will eventually occur.  The cost to repair these areas can be costly.  Sometimes the materials that are needed for the repair are not a perfect match to what was previously installed on your home adding to the expense of the repair. Even paint is not an exact match because what is on your home has faded over time. You always want to avoid this type of damage and gutter guards can be a great aid in doing so.
    • Gutter guards will save you time. Regular maintenance of gutters is very time-consuming and can be hazardous. Gutter guards lessen the number of times you need to clean your gutters by reducing the amount of debris that builds up there.
    • Gutter guards can save you money. Homeowners with gutter guards will save money from potential home repairs and maintenance from damages that can occur from neglected gutters that need cleaning.
    • Easy installation. Gutter guards have some unique benefits. One of which is its retrofit installation and you can install it by yourself on an existing gutter. Local home gutter, siding and roofing professionals can typically provide you with a free quote to install gutter guards professionally.
    • Reduce Pest Infestations. Dirty and stagnant water attracts insects and pests that can breed and cause damage to your gutters. Leaves that build up in the gutters attract animal that will nest in the gutters and block water flow even more.

Cons of Gutter Guard Installation

    • Smaller waste, such as twigs and pine needles, can still enter your gutter despite the barrier, including leaves and heavier debris. These sticks can build up over time, and it can build a dam that prevents water from flowing through the canal. Gutter guards may buy you some extra time, but they cannot completely block smaller foreign objects from entering your gutter.  Checking the gutters occasionally is advised. 
    • Debris may not be your problem, but the growth of algae can potentially damage your gutters in the long run. 

Are They Worth It?

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before installing a gutter guard system, but the best course of action would be for you to consider the initial cost of installation and whether or not they actually save you money and home damage over time. Speaking to a professional about your individual home’s current risks and needs is the best option.  Schedule a time to talk to one of our local home pros and make an educated decision about this purchase.  Click here to get schedule an appointment and get a free estimate!