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Roof replacement is considered a profitable way to invest in a home. With this, homeowners, should choose the type of material based on its affordability, durability, and functionality. Here are the 7 best roofing materials you can choose from!

Roofing shingles

1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles are the most common residential roofing material in the United States. These materials are favored due to their numerous advantages. First, it is affordable. They typically cost around $1 to $2 per square foot. Second, they come in a variety of colors and variants. The shingles can also be reinforced with fiberglass or mineral composites. Lastly, they are recyclable and can be used as a pavement material. 

However, asphalt shingles have a shorter life span. They do not provide insulation and are prone to fading due to sun exposure. 

cedar roofing, cedar shake roofing

2. Cedar Shake

If you’re a homeowner looking for a rustic look, then this option is for you. Its aesthetic sets it apart from the other roofing materials. Cedar Shake is a premium type of wood shake that uses cedar materials. This is hand-split into tapered thickness or sawn on both sides, and is usually cut by machine.

There are 3 grades or types of cedar shake shingles to choose from. The first type is Common. They’re randomly cut and made out of any part of the tree. The next type is 100% Straight Grain. These are the best quality grade of cedar shake materials. The last type is Selects which is a mixture of Commons and 80% straight grain.

Unlike the asphalt shingles, this wood shake roofing is relatively costly. It typically costs around $100 to $150 a square. Moreover, cedar shake roofing is also susceptible to molding, splitting, or rotting.

metal roofing

3. Metal

Metal roofs continue to be a popular choice today. This type is durable and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. They are easy to maintain and can mimic slate, asphalt, or wood. Additionally, these are available in two types: panels and shingles. Homeowners can also choose from aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and zinc. 

The installation costs between $6 to $14 per square foot and can last up to 80 years. Specialized labor is required to install and repair such material. Moreover, metal roofing may require soundproofing to reduce noise.

residential tar roof

4. Tar

Tar roofing is ideal for homes with flat roofs. It is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and perfect against winds, snow, and water. However, tar application may be a tedious process. It requires consecutive sunny days for the curing process. Moreover, the noxious fumes can also be hazardous to installers. With this, masks should be worn to avoid complications.

residential tar roof

5. Tile

Clay and concrete tiles are common materials used for roofing. These are relatively expensive and cost around $300 to $500 per square. Although they have longer lifespans of 50 to 100 years, they are still vulnerable to impact. Moreover, tiles may also require additional framing.

slate roofing

6. Slate 

If you’re all about durability, slate is the best choice for you! Slate has a lifespan of 50 to 200 years. It is fireproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. However, it may be costly for some. The price ranges from $9 to $20 per square foot.

Green Roofing

7. Green/Living Roofs 

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, are perfect for homeowners who advocate for the environment. Vegetation, grasses, or wildflowers typically cover the roofs of homes. In fact, this helps fight off excessive heat and reduce rainwater runoffs on roofs.

Living roofs cost between $10 to $25 per square foot and can last up until 30 to 50 years. Unfortunately, regular maintenance and gardening are expected to keep the roof in its top shape!

The 7 best roofing materials

Bottom Line

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