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Home security systems are big investments that usually go through a cost-benefit analysis to assess if they are worth the investment. As homeowners, safety and peace of mind are priorities that are relieved by these systems. However, the biggest question about home security remains to be unanswered. Can home security systems actually stop crimes?

Home burglaries remain at the top of the list of crimes in the US. According to the United States Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million burglaries annually, with over half of these being home invasions.

While the numbers have dropped, the threat still remains. Homeowners should consider options readily available to them. Learn more about the different alarm systems in protecting your home from invasions!


Home security systems can now be integrated with smart home technology. These security alarms can even send real-time notifications if an unauthorized person enters your home. There are different types to choose from: DIY, professional, wired, wireless, smart, and local.

1. DIY Alarm System

As the name suggests, DIY home security systems are put together by homeowners themselves and monitored manually.

2. Professional Alarm System

A professional home security system is either set up by professional technicians or can mean a system with professional monitoring. Most of the systems for this type are professionally monitored from a call center, but can also be self-monitored.

3. Wired Alarm System

A wired security system is a type that is put together into a home’s existing electrical system.

4. Wireless Alarm System

A wireless security system is dependent on a combination of batteries, Wi-Fi, and/or cellular backup to connect to the app and monitoring center. This type is easier to install and maintain. Batteries can either be changed or recharged.

5. Smart Alarm System

A smart security system uses the internet to allow users to get real-live notifications. Homeowners can see the footage from a mobile app, and receive notifications when the alarms go off.

6. Local Alarm System

Local alarm systems are the opposite of smart systems. If the alarm goes off, only the homeowners will most likely hear it. These systems can still be professionally monitored via cellular or landline backup. 


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Bottom Line

Anything you can do to protect your home is a smart investment. With an added layer of protection, you and your loved ones can live comfortably with added security. 

Home security systems definitely add an added layer of protection, not just to you but also to your loved ones. So if you’re thinking of installing one for your home, The Home Pros US can help you choose the system that best suits your needs. Click the “Free Quote” button below to get a free estimate and get the assistance you need from a local professional.